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How far are you from the beach?

We are under a minute walk from a lovely swimming beach. Baby’s Beach is a protected reef, which means swimmers of all ages can enjoy calm and serene waters. We are also a short walk, bike or car ride away from many other beautiful beaches, each with their own unique flavor and ambiance.

Are there any restaurants nearby?

Yes! Kapa’a has more restaurants than any other area of the island, from gourmet food to tacos to vegetarian fare to a huge variety of ethnic food. There’s something for every budget and every taste.

How far is the grocery store?

A full-service Safeway supermarket with pharmacy is located less than a mile from Oceanfront.

Is shopping close?

The town of Kapa’a is filled with galleries and shops, where you’ll find clothing, sundries, hats, art and crafts and many other goods and services run by our local vendors. If you’re looking for larger shopping opportunities, the town of Lihue, located about 15 minutes away, has a Walmart, Costco, Macy’s and other large stores.

Can you recommend activities to keep my family busy and entertained? We have a lot of varied interests.

After you book, we will send you a questionnaire asking about some of your interests for the trip. Do you like water activities? Golf? Spas? Fishing? Or just hanging out on the beach? Once you complete the questionnaire, we’ll prepare a customized itinerary just for you, with recommendations to keep you endlessly entertained for whatever suits your fancy.

How many guests does each home hold?

Oceanfront Harmony has 4 bedrooms, with 2 King-sized beds, 1 Queen-sized bed and 1 Twin bed. It holds 7 people comfortably.

Oceanfront Rhythm has 2 bedrooms, both with King-sized beds. It holds up to 4 people.

I have a large group. Can I rent both houses?

Absolutely! The houses are ideal for a group of up to 11 people, and there’s plenty of space for everyone to hang out together.

Are the homes air conditioned?

The answer is no . . . intentionally.  While condos (which may not have cross-ventilation and can trap heat) or inland homes (which do not get fresh air circulating off the ocean) may need air conditioning to be comfortable, this is not true of a home on the ocean with lots of windows.  At Oceanfront, you can live in harmony with the natural environment and have a richer connection to the trade winds, the sounds of the waves lapping on the shore, the delicate scent of the ocean air, the feel of the sunshine and the gentle breezes. No closed up spaces with air conditioning to steal away from the experience and romance of the Pacific Tropics. Instead, you are invited to embrace the rhythm and grace of the Hawaiian climate; it will stay resident in your soul for months . . . or years from now. If vacationing in conditioned air, Kauai may just be another postcard view out your window . . . the soul on ice!

Are there places we can walk to?

Oceanfront Rhythm and Harmony are – literally – at the center of Kauai’s eastern shore. Follow the green “loop trail” right out your door and meander along the coastal bike path past Baby’s Beach, famous for its tranquility. Turn left where indicated and wander through Old Town Kapa’a, filled with shops, galleries, restaurants and hidden treasures. Then stroll back home along the same coastal path with ocean views and the sounds of the surf. For more robust walkers, keep going and follow the white line all the way to the Noka food trucks, where you can dine in the sand at the edge of the beach.

We’ve also marked two driving routes to the north and the south, each only 10 minutes from your Oceanfront home base, that will lead to spectacular beaches, restaurants, local shopping experiences and more. We’re happy to provide recommendations of things to do as you embark on your journey.

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