Welcome to Oceanfront Rhythm and Harmony

We are delighted to have you join us in these beautiful oceanfront homes here on the breathtaking Garden Isle of Kauai.    During our COVID-19 shutdown, we embarked on a major renovation of both houses.  We hope you enjoy the new decor and “refresh” of the spaces.

History of the Homes 

Oceanfront Harmony is an original plantation-style home, built in 1927, at a time when sugar and pineapples provided the dominant industries in Kauai.  In 1877, the first sugar plantation opened in Kapa’a.  The Lihue Sugar Plantation was also expanding at this time and more sugar land was established around the nearby town of Wailua.  A sugar mill was built in Kealia, and in 1913, a pineapple cannery was established in Kapa’a.  All this industry resulted in the construction of numerous “plantation homes” to house the many workers who came to Kapa’a from around the world.  

Harmony is characteristic of the plantation camp homes, which were built of single ply board and batten wall construction, wooden pier foundations, and single gable roof forms.  The original inhabitants of Harmony were sugar or pineapple workers from that era, and likely hailed from the Philippines, China, Japan, Puerto Rico, Spain, Germany or Portugal.

Oceanfront Rhythm was built much more recently, in 1991, and while it doesn’t possess the colorful history of Harmony, it maintains the character of the classic Hawaiian home.  Soaring ceilings and lots of wood provide light, air and space, and celebrate the connection with nature.  

Come experience the pleasures of Kauai at Oceanfront Rhythm and Harmony.